Essentials | Bullet Journal

I have my Bullet Journal for a few Month now. I would like to share my essentials with you. I did’t buy it at once, it get’s more over time hehe

Maybe it is helpful for those who wants to start a Bullet Journal in the future.

(This Post isn’t sponsored. I bought it all by myself and I don’t get money if you buy it too. I just want to help you.)

A Book/Journal

Bullet Journal

First off all you need a book or something you like to use. I would recommend a book with dotted paper because it is better for a Journal where you write and draw. Nowadays there are so many, you’ll find the best for you, for sure!

Mine is from ‘Libro’


Fineliners Bullet Journal

You need something to write

It doesn’t matter what you use, I love black Fineliners so I bought a lot of them hehe I need new one anyway, they’re running out

Mine are from ‘Wish’

Brush Pens

Brush Pens Bullet Journal

Brush Pens are heaven. They are so smooth and it’s so satisfying to write or draw with them. Brush Pens are perfect for handwriting. Mine are from ‘Tombow’ They are a little bit more expensive but they are completely worth it.

More Pens…

Brush Pens

At a point you just want more….

It’s an addiction. I bought 100 Brush Pens, I know it’s a lot hehe


Stickers Bullet Journal

To be honest sticker aren’t necessary for your Journal.

I just looked on wish and than I bought them haha ups

Washi Tape

Washi Tape Bullet Journal

Same haha

These are my essentials I use right now. I love my Bullet Journal and can’t live without it anymore. I will post my pages too on this Blog. I hope you like it. If you want to know or see anyting else pls contact me 🙂

Wish you a good day

See u


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