March Theme | Bullet Journal

My March Theme is still one of my favs.

At first it was weird for me because I don’t like color soo much but I released I can’t make a Bullet Journal without color haha

So I decided to make a green spring theme. I think it was perfect for March.

At this time I didn’t have my 100 Brush-Pens so the green colours are just basic sharpies. (I hope this is the correct word hehe)

On my first left page are just pics from Pinterest which match the march theme. On the right side is my cover for march.

My monthly overview is simple and every month I have the same sentence “Chapter 3 of 12” (the number of the month is different of course)

I tried to keep up with my habit tracker but I failed every single month haha

My weekly spread is the same every week. I have a month overview, a to-do list this week and the days of the week.

In March I have a picture or a drawing of an event what happened in this week.

This was the March. I hope you liked it.

The pics and my inspiration are from Pinterest. I have a Bullet Journal Board where I pin all my ideas and stuff for my Journal.

Thank you for reading and I would love to chat with you in the comments.

See u


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