Room MakeOver Pt. 2 | Lifestyle

So for the second part I wanted to get rid of the chaos behind my door haha It was a freaking mess and I really wanted to make something which looks nice. I didn’t know how it looks in the end but I drove to Ikea and looked which would fit the best.

This is the before pic. It is a mess, pls don’t judge me.

It was a disaster. I found a little wardrobe at Ikea, which looks really really nice. I love how it turned out. I use it for my jackets, my bags and my shoes. I think it looks so clean and it makes a huge difference in my room. It’s kinda funny how one simple thing can affect so much.

Link for the wardrobe

Maybe this is a little inspiration for those of you who have a little corner in your room, which is a mess.

Love to hear your opinions!

Thank you for reading! Would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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