LifeUpdate | Blogmas#1

Hello everyone!

I’m alive. I’ve disappeard for a long time…

So after summer I went on a trip to Amsterdam to celebrate my 20th Birthday. I wanted to make posts about the trip and packing and stuff but it didn’t work out. After the trip my university started soon and I had to get things done. Then my university started and the stress-level increased.

This aren’t excuses.. just explanation.

So my current situation:

Altough the december is stressfull af in my university, I wanted to start bloging again. #Blogmas! I want to post everyday in december. I love christmas and I want to share my excitement. Altough not every post will be christmas-themed.

Maybe you have noticed that I changed my website a little bit. I’m not 100% satisfied but we’re on the way.

(Sorry for my english and the mistakes.)

I hope you enjoy the christmas time. I will.

Thank you for reading! I would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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