Journal SetUp | Blogmas#4


I started a new Journal in November, so I wanted to show you my general SetUp. I ordered my Journal online and I love it. It has 256 sites, it is black and you don’t see the drawings through the pages. And the dots are so bright that you don’t see them if you just look at your drawings.

It’s not sponsored but I looked a long a time for the perfect journal and maybe you need a new one in 2020.

(It’s “.de” though so maybe you need to look for it anyway)

All my ideas are inspired by Pinterest, so follow me there if you want to get a bunch of ideas. I have pins for every month, for the different spread, for drawing, and so on.


The Key

On the fist page I have my Key. It is simple but I like it. I don’t have the usual keys like “completed”, “cancelled”, etc. This doesn’t work for me so I have a color code. I make every week a page where my schedule is and there I need them. And I decided my SetUp in “university” and “personal”

The university part

Semester Overview

I have a Semester overview where I track all my deadlines for tasks, exams, projects, etc. I didn’t make photos of it because I think it is not really pretty and I forgot it tbh. But it looks like a future log just for a semester.

Attendance list

I have an attendance list to have always a overview my attendance. (I have an obligation to attend a certain amount of time)

Long Term To-do

I have two pages with my To-do’s for the university. It is not pretty but I don’t know what I would do without it. It is definitely really necessary to me. It is much longer than on the photo (I had a rough week).

Semester abroad notes

Since I want to go to study abroad in one year I have two pages to write down notes. The pages are full now because we had already the information meeting. So maybe in 2020 there will be posts about this journey. (Let’s hope for the best)

Project notes

We have a huge project this semester so I thought it would be nice to have space to take notes. But as you can see it is really empty. So I guess this wasn’t necessary.

The personal part

My personal part starts with a drawing, which I really really like. I don’t know what to do on the other side, so it’s empty by now.

Netflix tracker

Of course I had to have a Netflix tracker. It is not up to date, I’m a mess, I know.

My routines

I decided to make some routines in my life. I wasn’t a routine person but I really like it. I’m really enjoying to do my routines in the morning and in the evening. I don’t want to describe the routines in detail because I want to make a post for each routine. (Coming up soon)

These are my favourite pages of my SetUp (and the drawing).

When did I last….

The last page I want to show you is my When did I last page. I track some things to know when I did them last. I guess you didn’t need an explanation for that haha

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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