What I spend in week as a student | Blogmas#9

I thought it would be cool if I make a post “WHAT I SPEND IN A WEEK AS A *BROKE* STUDENT”. Because I don’t have much money to spend, I am a student and students are broke.

TBH I failed at this post. I forgot to take photos or videos during the week so I hope it’s not as horrible as I think. Let’s try!

Some weeks I spend more and some weeks I spend less. It is different every week.


So on Monday I had to be at the university at 10 am. I decided to drive with my car that day.

My first purchase this day was at 11:57 am and I bought cigarettes. They were 4,90€.

Yes I smoke, yes it’s bad, yes I know it, yes I should stop.

At 12:44 I bought lunch: 4,00€.

After university I drove home and I hat to get gas on the highway because I was scared. So I didn’t fill my tank because it was fucking expensive. 5:70 pm: 5,44€

Then I went to another gas station: 7:00pm – 20,01€


On Thursday I had to be at University at 9:40 am.

I bought some breakfast at a supermarket. 9:10 am – 1,82€

At lunch I ate something I brought with me.

And in the evening I didn’t eat something.


On Wednesday I had to be at University at 8:00 am. This was fucking horrible because I had to take the train at 6:30 am. And I’m not a mining person. And it was fucking cold!

I honestly thought that I made a video because I bought my whole food in the morning at a supermarket. Meh 😦 I’m dumb. Anyway I decided to buy my food for the whole day. 7:37 am – 6,54€

I was the whole day at university. This was my only purchase that day.

In the evening I ate something at home.


On Thursday I had to be at work at 8:00 am. So I didn’t eat breakfast.

After work I had to get something from the pharmacy. 1:05pm – 26,90€

Then I had to get food for my cats. 1:20 – 3,99€

I ate lunch at home.

That was my Thursday.


On Friday I had no University so I ate breakfast at home.

The whole day I worked at my blog and some posts.

In the evening I helped a friend of mine to film something. So we went to a Christmas market and their I drank some punch and in a restaurant a glas of wine. Punch – 4,00€ * 3 and wine with tip – 4,00€


On Saturday I went to the supermarket to get breakfast – 7,24€

At home I cooked Lasagne so I didn’t buy anything at the rest of the day.

I stayed home all day,


On Sunday we had a family brunch. It was delicious. And then I got to work.

So after work I had to pay the Park & Ride – 3,60€


The Total is……….


Thank you so much for reading! I would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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