My tattoos | Blogmas#11

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have some tattoos. In this post I’ll explain what they mean, when I got them,which one was the most painful and of course the money.

(I’m so sorry that the photos aren’t the best or a lot but I didn’t have time to make new one )

My first tattoo

I got my very first tattoo on my 18th birthday as a gift from my parents. They knew that I despertaly wanted a tattoo.

The motive

Explanation: My mom and my dad have their astrological sign tatooed. My brother wants to get his too. So I wanted to get mine too. Family-Tattoo.

My astrologial sign is virgin. That’s the first symbol.

The symbol in the middle is my element, which is earth.

And the last is my planet which is Mercury.

The arrows are just decoartion.

I wanted to get this motive because I did’nt see it anywhere and I think it’s not mainstream and kina unique.

Pain & Price

I didn’t hurt actually. Sometime it was a bit unpleasant but it wasn’t painful.

I payed 150€ for this tattoo. (Actually my parents did)


I don’t regret it at all!! I love it so much. It is now two years old and I’m happy when I see it.

My second and third tattoo

I got my second and third tattoo together. Their both small and it was cheaper to get them together. This was one year after my first tattoo, so I was 19.

The motives

The first motive is a wine glas. Yes, I know. Someone would say that is a dumb motive. But this tattoo is a friendship tattoo with my best friend. I know her for 10 years now.

The second motive are dog paws. I love dogs. I lived with dogs my whole life. I want to have dogs. My life is all about dogs. This is why I wanted to get them. In honor of my old dog and my *new* little princess.

Pain & Price

The wine glas: I didn’t feel anything! I’m really honst with you but I didn’t even feel the needle or something. This was my least painful tattoo.

The dog paws: OMG! This was the most painful tattoo I have so far. I’m so glad that this place of my body ist gone now because I had so much pain.

If anyone is familiar with tatooing: They only used the thick needle, to fill, for my paws, they didn’t use the thin one, that’s why I had so much pain. I also blacked out three times and I had to lie down (I sat while tatooing).

I payed 100€ for both of them together.


One could say that I regret my wine glas. I don’t regret it yet! I know I will sometimes but it is so small and yeah. I think it’s funny. I love wine too.

And I love my paws. I’m sad that I don’t see them but I love them.

My fourth tattoo

Last but not least. Some of you may know that I went to Amsterdam for my 20th birthday. Okay let’s sink that in: my 20th birthday with my best friends, Amsterdam (the city I love the most). Okay greayt place and time to get a new tattoo. I got that tattoo after my birthday, so I was 20 at that time.

The motive




I don’t want to write them together because maybe someone thinks of something else than Amsterdam. But this is the coat of arms of Amsterdam. If you are in Amsterdam before, you’ll see this three x’s EVERYWHERE. I think it looks so damn cool!


Nop. Not at all! I love it so so so much!

Pain & Price

It didn’t hurt at all!

I payed 100€ for this tattoo.


18: first Tattoo

19: two more tattoos

20: fourth tattoo

Total: I’m 20 and have four tattoos.

Yes I want to get more and maybe next year…..

I love all of them and I think it is worth the money because they look cool and they are a part of you. I love that thought.

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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