What am I studying?| Blogmas#15

What I am studying?

Maybe some of you wondered what I do or study. Or maybe nobody wants to know, either way this post clarifies this question: What am I studying? 

I’m studying media technology. I am at a “FH”, I don’t know if it is everywhere but in Austria are universities and universities of. applied science. If anyone cares what the differences is, I’m happy to explain.

I’m currently in my third semester, which thank god is over soon, halleluja. My studies take six semester so I’m almost half way through it. There are two different areas in media technology. On the one hand there is the Audio/Video area, which includes videoshoots, audio recordings, the whole set up and more. And on the other hand there is interactive media. Here is all about programming, app development, web design and development and much more.

In the first year, so in the first two semesters, we had all subjects from both areas. We had to specialise for the third semester. I am in interactive media.

Yes I’m a programmer! Sometimes I can’t believe it haha

That’s what I am studying. When I’m done with that. I’ll still doing the master and then I’m going into app & web development. At least I intend to, maybe something will change.

I’m very happy with my studies and I’m really enjoying it although it stresses me out all the freaking time.

Okay that was a lot of bla bla, anyway,

What are you studying? Do you even study? Let me know!

I hope you had a great start into the week 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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