My statement on Blogmas

Soo Blogmas is over.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a good time with your family.

I failed at Blogmas, as you may know. And I’m so sorry about it.

This was my first Blogmas and I really underestimated the stress of it.

The last days before Christmas were very stressful for me. My best friends birthday was a few days before Christmas and I had to plan her party. I was stressed about Christmas, either.

I had ideas and I even made the pictures but I didn’t hat the time to write or edit them 😦

I will try Blogmas again and I hope I’ll make it.

Thank you so much that you read my posts and I hope you stick with me through my next p

osts. I don’t know when I’m going to post or if I even have a strict day or if I just upload when I want to. I don’t know yet.

Here are all my posts from Blogmas, if you missed one:

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A little therapy session – Blogmas#17

See u


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