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Hello guys! I hope you doin’ great!

Here are the days 12 to 14 of the self-quarantine. I hope you’ll like it 😉

My weekend was kind of sh**. I was such in a bad mood….

I can’t believe that is already two weeks.

PS. if you aren’t the video type….scroll a little bit. I wrote out my day for those who don’t want to watch the video, but are interested in my day routine 🙂

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Stay safe!!

Self-quarantine day 12-14 | weekend, chilling and sport!

My days in words

Friday – 03/27

7:58am – waking up

8:23am – editing a blog post

8:42am – cleaning

9:13am – coffffeeeeee

9:15am – getting ready for se day

my look – black crop-top and black cloth trousers

11:47am – boring university stuff

2:00pm – meeting the birthday girl aka my best friend

4:20pm – doing the dishes

9:38pm – movie night with my cat

Saturday 03/28

8:01am – waking up, making my bed

8:43am – my look part 1: natural makeup with a super cute hair tie

8:50am – coffee time

8:56am – my look part 2: black crops-top, black sport leggings and a cardigan

8:58am – planning

10:00am – meeting

10:50am – a walk to get my car back

12:43am – I got it back (it was in the workshop)

Aaaaannnnddd than I completely forgot to film…..oopsie….

BUT I went on a three hour walk because it was so beautiful outside

Sunday 03/29

3:11pm – university stuff

3:59pm – I decided to go for a run

…. I hate running …..

5:56pm – shower, body care

8:30pm – planning next day and movie!




that was my weekend! How was yours?

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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