My statement on Blogmas

Soo Blogmas is over.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a good time with your family.

I failed at Blogmas, as you may know. And I’m so sorry about it.

This was my first Blogmas and I really underestimated the stress of it.

The last days before Christmas were very stressful for me. My best friends birthday was a few days before Christmas and I had to plan her party. I was stressed about Christmas, either.

I had ideas and I even made the pictures but I didn’t hat the time to write or edit them 😦

I will try Blogmas again and I hope I’ll make it.

Thank you so much that you read my posts and I hope you stick with me through my next p

osts. I don’t know when I’m going to post or if I even have a strict day or if I just upload when I want to. I don’t know yet.

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See u


A little therapy session | Blogmas#17

So lately my life is kinda stressful and overwhelming. This is a little therapy session for me and for you guys, if you want to share your problems with us/me.

I didn’t speak with anybody about it because I think it sounds dumb to people.

My problem: The university is so stressful at the moment and usually I split my university life and my private life. But I can’t right now. I think about all the projects and exams all the freaking time. I can’t relax, I can’t sleep and I’m feeling not myself anymore.

I honestly don’t know why but I don’t feel like myself. I can’t laugh about things I usually laugh about. I don’t speak really much because the only topic I’m speaking about is university.

And I literally don’t know what I should do.

I don’t tell my friends or family because I think that they think that I’m making a drama. But I just feel this way and I don’t know why.

Has anyone of you felt this way before? What can I do to get myself back?

And this is my first Blogmas and I was so happy but it is so stressful too so I’m really sorry that I kinda messed up this Blogmas. But it’s my first one ever and I’m still learning.

Maybe you’ve experienced a smiliar situation or you’re going through it right now.

I know it gets better but I can’t enjoy the Christmas time right know but I love Christmas…..

Hugh, okay enough of my problems. I hope you’re doing good and your life is great!

Wish u the best!


A day in my life; university edition | Blogmas#16

A day in my life; university edition | Blogmas#16

I thought I would do a little series. A day in my life. And the first one is university edition. Pleas forgive me that it isn’t perfect. I’m still learning.

That day I had to get up early because I had to work before I went to university.

If you want to know how I spend my morning, read my morning routine!

A day in my life, university edition

If you want to know how I spend my evenings, read my bedtime routine!

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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What am I studying?| Blogmas#15

What am I studying?| Blogmas#15

Maybe some of you wondered what I do or study. Or maybe nobody wants to know, either way this post clarifies this question: What am I studying? 

I’m studying media technology. I am at a “FH”, I don’t know if it is everywhere but in Austria are universities and universities of. applied science. If anyone cares what the differences is, I’m happy to explain.

I’m currently in my third semester, which thank god is over soon, halleluja. My studies take six semester so I’m almost half way through it. There are two different areas in media technology. On the one hand there is the Audio/Video area, which includes videoshoots, audio recordings, the whole set up and more. And on the other hand there is interactive media. Here is all about programming, app development, web design and development and much more.

In the first year, so in the first two semesters, we had all subjects from both areas. We had to specialise for the third semester. I am in interactive media.

Yes I’m a programmer! Sometimes I can’t believe it haha

That’s what I am studying. When I’m done with that. I’ll still doing the master and then I’m going into app & web development. At least I intend to, maybe something will change.

I’m very happy with my studies and I’m really enjoying it although it stresses me out all the freaking time.

Okay that was a lot of bla bla, anyway,

What are you studying? Do you even study? Let me know!

I hope you had a great start into the week 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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I’m a mess | Blogmas#14

I’m a fucking mess. I’m so sorry but there will no post today. My weekend was so god damn stressful because of university stuff. I hope I got this next week because I had no time to think about posts or to write something. My next week is kinda busy but I’ll try my best.

I’m sorry again! 😦

Maybe you want to read another post.

My bedtime routine | Blogmas#13

My bedtime routine | Blogmas#13

A few posts ago I postet my morning routine and here I present you my bedtime routine. Maybe you get inspired to make a routine for yourself. It helps me to keep my shit together, I. swear.

Let’s start my routine!


I start my routine with the dinner. I don’t it always something in the evening.

That day I ate just two slices of bread.

Clean my room

After dinner I usually clean my room. Sometimes I’m not in the mood or their isn’t something I have to clean up.

Shower and body care

Then I go in the shower and after that I do some body care. Especially in the winter time I hate when my skin is dry.

Prepare for the next day

During my student life I started to do my backpack for the next day in the evening before. It helps to not get stressed in the morning. And I think about my clothes I want to wear and prepare them. This safes time in the morning, either.

Face care & bathroom

On this day I didn’t remove my makeup before I got into the shower. So I had to do that and then moisturise my face. And of course I brush my teeth.


Like in the morning I do some journaling in the evening. I fill out my habit tracker for that day and think of the To-do’s of the next day. And sometimes I draw something.


I have to admit that I’m not reading every single day but I really want to so I have it in my routine.

Currently I’m reading ‘Calm The Fuck Down’ from Sarah Knight.

Good night

This was my whole routine and then it’s time to go to bed.

Good night!

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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Christmas Bucketlist | Blogmas#12

Christmas Bucketlist | Blogmas#12

I made a bucketlist for December. These are the things I want to do in December or I did already. I don’t think you need any explanation So I guess I just show you the pic and maybe you get inspired to do some of that either.

Happy Friday the 13th!

I hope you all have a great Christmas time so far.

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to chat with you in the comments!

See u


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